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Welcome to my Stalker Photos

Past Events

If you are an entertainer and I have been at one of your events, first of all, thank you for not calling security on me!  Contact me and I will be happy to send you a copy of the images for free, no charge as you are helping me!

For best viewing, view from tablet or computer.  Double click on images to view whole image.  

Country Nation March 15, 2018

This video was shot while I was seated in a chair and there was a security guard standing behind me.  Little story, I am no longer allowed to take a picture in Fantasy Springs.  Not even with a camera phone, unless I am with the band.  If you would like to "hire" me I work for cd's, tshirts, handshakes, tags in posts, I could be your Auntie Emmme or you get it.  Anyhow, If you move along to the beat of the song it won't bounce so much.  I had to look like I was dancing along to the song.  I do believe this is an original song.  The band returns to the Coachella Valley in end of April early May and Miss Sarah Winchester just released songs on Spotify so check her out!

Midnight Blue - Lou Gramm

Recorded Live 2.24.18

This was and still is one of my favorite songs.  From the first click of the cymbals I can identify that song and you can probably hear me singing right along word for word with Lou.  (My sincerest apologies).  Also, sorry for the poor quality.  This is not edited.  Just noticed that as of today 3.31.18 there has been 677 view on Youtube.  I thought that was nifty!

Encore Song - Iris Goo Goo Doll

I was wiped out by this time and was about to put my camera away.  I was also busy deleting photos to make room on the disc so I could film a little of this song and here it is all 35 or so seconds.  This was my first concert I was actually shooting to see if I could do this and it also shows where I was shooting from.  One day I hope to have all access.  Fingers and toes crossed!