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Welcome and thank you for checking out my first and only published book.  It has been a dream of mine to be published and I have several unfinished short stories that I need to find time to finish but have been so scattered and such.  Kids, work, bills, life!  Luckily for me, the road I had been traveling down took a strange, yet familiar twist in 2014.  I did what I do best, jumped head first without looking, and landed here in the Coachella Valley making it home in 2015.  Since then, I have become a grandma, a wife,  went through a number of jobs, come down with a terrible case of wanderlust and the terrible photography itch that started back in high school is back.  Do I have qualifications that make me a writer? No. Do, I have qualifications that make me a photographer? Well, no. Am, I dying.  No, well, not right this second or in the next 20 years.  Anyhow, I have this list I wrote back in 2007 on the eve of my 37 birthday.  I was living in a studio apartment in downtown Los Angeles, working two jobs, and only had my children on the weekends.  Life sucked but no one knew it, not even me.  One of the items was to get published, so in the grand scheme of things, I just self-published a twenty page book of my photographs and commentary. Me, a college drop out, that only had one semester of creative writing.  Anyhow, this is my sort of take on Joshua Tree and my humor, I must warn you, is what one might consider of the mind of a horny, adolescent, prepubescent teenage boy.  So there, fair warning.

So, if you feel like helping out a friend mark off a goal on her bucket list click here .  Trust me, I wish I could sell it for less.  I printed one book and it is due to arrive October 24, 2017 and will be put on Ebay,  if you would like a reminder email sent to you, send an and email to:  [email protected] and a reminder will be sent when it has been posted for sale.  Thank you!

That darn list is in the first picture above. The second picture above is out of focus but I wanted to catch the birds and I had the camera in manual.  The colors that morning really were that color.  If you don't buy the book

please share this or pass along to someone that may appreciate this type of humor and photos.  Thank you again for stopping by.  Much love and respect to you all.         ~ M + J

What some guy is saying

"The things she made those rocks do should be illegal..."

"I will never look at those rocks the same way again!"


"That was hard, rock hard!"

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