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Tom Solis - No Worries

If you only knew the story, and yes there is quite a story, behind this shoot.  This was honestly a Stalker Chick  Shoot.  Jamie did reach out to me but I had not known this, and was just going to shoot, like a stalker in the shadows. Besides, I was intrigued and needed practice and a new place on Thursday nights and my husband really digs Sammy Hagar and the Facebook post mentioned "album release...Sammy Hagars' nephew..."!  Yes, all said in one breathe.  Anyhow, to be honest, this was a tough one!  Very dark room, but it gave me valuable knowledge and direction for the future.  Would love a second chance.

So, with that, check this young talented singer &  musician out!  Glad things worked out the way they did. Sometimes the Universe just knows and gets you to where you need to be.

Thank you, again, Jaime, Tom & Red Barn!